February Infrastructure Update

The Civil Construction is beginning to hit it’s straps with Victoria and NSW leading the charge! However, with plenty of activity in the marketplace’s pressure on risk management, staff attraction/retention and business financial performance has never been greater.

Is it critical that employer’s dedicate the right level of due diligence in the recruitment process to ensure that the focus is not on getting a bum in the seat but rather on securing the right level of talent for the business. With current conditions only projected to get tighter, this pressure is only going to increase. Achieving the balance of needs vs. skill is going to be key for success.

Since Australia Day, Talent Associates have seen a huge increase in vacancies and recruitment activity in the Civil Construction industry. There are good people out there who are entering the marketplaces from interstate and overseas and also other’s who are disenchanted with their current arrangements. In particular proven project managers, commercial managers, project engineers and estimators are highly sought currently. In addition, strong operations managers with both soft skills and commercial skills are highly in demand.

Talent Associates have supported the Civil Construction industry for over 20 years and we remain committed to partnering with the industry to ensure that you receive a knowledgeable, ethical and dedicated recruitment service. We now provide contract staff on hourly, daily or weekly rates (with unlimited capability), executive search and permanent recruitment services.


May 2018 – Vic Infrastructure Update

The Infrastructure marketplace in Victoria is bustling with activity and opportunities. Major projects such as the Metro Tunnel, Westgate Tunnel, Southern Program Alliance and Melbourne’s third runway, continue to ramp up whilst new projects enter the fray. But when we dig deeper into the industry, we are in uncharted territory in terms of current works in hand and also upcoming projects.

  • The recent state budget offered just over $9 billion funding of projects, including $4.3bn for regional¬† roads, $1.9bn for rail, $2.2bn for roads in North/South-East and $704m for regional transport projects.
  • The federal budget allocated a $7.8 billion dollars of funding for road and rail projects with highlights including injecting funds into North-East link and two new rail lines.

Never has the Infrastructure industry in Victoria looked so good, but the challenge for all, will be the acquisition of staff/labour, retaining existing staff and managing the major growth in salary packages. Already we are seeing huge increases in salary and scarcity of talent.

Having been at the forefront of the recruitment sector for infrastructure for 20 years, Talent Associates are very well positioned to keep you informed of new talent to the marketplace and keep you abreast of the latest trends. We partner with clients, don’t scatter-gun resumes and more importantly work with industry/employers/candidates to secure great outcomes.

Today Tonight Appearance – 3 June 2013



Job hot spots.

June 3, 2013, 6:18 pm Lynda Kinkade Today Tonight

The Australian job market is suffering some huge losses and new data suggests where you live can determine your chances of finding work.

According to Adzuna, a search engine for classified ads, Darwin is a hot spot for jobs.

The Northern Territory city has been ranked the easiest place in Australia to find a job because there are more vacancies than there are unemployed people.

Brisbane and Sydney follow closely with an average of around two applicants per job.

Perth and Toowoomba have an average of three applicants per advertised job.

According to Adzuna’s data construction and finance are the top hiring sectors in the country, with over 130,000 jobs advertised this year.

The research also shows that Sydney is currently the toughest place to get a job in human resources or as a secretary.

In addition, regional cities are also struggling with employment. Bendigo in Victoria is rated as an employment black-spot with an average of 32 candidates applying for every job advertised.

This is followed by New South Wales towns of Port Macquarie, Wagga Wagga and Lismore.

Melbourne leads the way for hospitality recruitment, while Alice Springs have high vacancies for teaching roles. Sydney is a hot spot for IT and sales positions, according to the data.

Recruitment specialist Leight Rowbottom, director of Talent Associates, says in order to get a job, often it’s a matter of walking in the door and asking to speak to a manager and putting your resume in front of them.

Leight Rowbottom, Talent Associates – au.linkedin.com/in/leighrowbottom